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Only Child Seeking a sibling!

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As a naturally gregarious, open-minded, and empathetic person I have always thought I would thrive amongst other siblings, however have never had the chance as an only child. I’m hoping to find a connection (s) with someone who values healthy relationships and desires a true sibling-like relationship. I’m happiest around people who are authentically human, who are okay being imperfect, have a great sense of humor, and who are ready to ride the ups and downs of life with you. If you’re looking for your “ride or die” you’ve found her. … So a little bit (more) about me. I’m a married mother of 1 ultra awesome human who is 3 and we are building up our little family in NY. I like the idea of an email pen pal and eventually meeting up and spending time together individually and/or as a family. I met my husband of 5 years on so i’m pretty much sold on virtual relationships finder :). I figure–put it all out there and see what comes back? Life is short so our motto is, in a world where you can be anything, be kind. We are an adventurous bunch and love getting out. I’m also what you’d call an introverted extrovert who values that wondrous alone time, but also can get pumped for some antics anytime. I am a Foodie by nature and love any reason to try new cuisine. I play guitar, hoopdance, bead and craft, love going dancing, and am probably interested in whatever you are interested in, lol. I am worldly and completely open to all kinds. I was raised christian but consider myself a fully spiritual person, with no exclusionary criteria. That’s it!

(I haven’t purchased a subscription so feel free to email me. I’m a busy mom so i’ll try for a weekly email, and sign up for messaging in 1 month if it all works out! 🙂 Cheers!

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Concerts, Cooking, Dance, Dining Out, Movies, Music




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