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Everyone should be so fortunate as to have a friend who will be true a whole life through.

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I am a loyal person who is supportive, extremely empathetic and I love to laugh.
I’m in the process of ending a marriage to a narcissistic who caused me to give up friendships & other relationships over the years. I am now rebuilding some old ties and interested in getting and giving support to new people who value and respect relationships the same way I do.
I am also an extremely loving mother to one teenage boy who just started college and I already miss him terribly.
I am a NYC native. I traveled extensively around the world for a living and have continued to travel for leisure. I would love to do so with new sisters, friends, companions.

Willing To Serve As

Sister, Friend, Companion

Looking To Find

Sister, Friend, Companion


New York




United States




Art, Dining Out, Internet, Movies, Music, Sports, TV, Theater, Travel

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