My Description

No children, no siblings, no nieces or nephews. Aunts & uncles have passed away. No living first cousins. Grandparents long deceased. Have not seen father since 3rd grade. Was sexually dominated by abusive mother.
Have had lifelong constant fantasies of my father and the deeply loving and affectionate love we could have. I would have had as a little girl and to this very day if I could find him now nothing but my body and soul to love my father any way I could. I would show him that I loved and needed him then, and today. Maybe if he knew this love was here all along for him he would not have left. I would do anything to try to build this love today. Maybe he will come forward. Maybe he will bring his son and I will have a dad and a brother to give both, the three of us together, proof of my honest love.

Willing To Serve As

Sister, Daughter

Looking To Find

Brother, Father, Friend, Mentor, Son




United States



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