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Update: I will be taking an internet fast from 3/1/22 – 4/15/22
If you email, I’ll share more. Pls ask me any questions and do tell me about yourself! My dear husband (older than I) and I have love and care to share. We are very active, creative, contemplative, health-oriented down to earth types. I (or he and I if you’d like) are hoping to slowly explore expanding our community and create happy, new connections, family-like: a mother, aunt, grandparent figure, sister, mentoring or friends at first might be nice. Wd love to meet a daughter or son figure. We are looking to reach out and to extend our family especially during these times we are all in. B ‘n touch if you’d like. Blessings ♡

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Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Mentor

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Son, Daughter, Sister, Grandson, Granddaughter, Friend, Companion


United States




Art, Concerts, Cooking, Dance, Dining Out, Internet, Lecture, Literature, Museums, Movies, Music, Painting, Sports, Theater, Travel


Master's Degree

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