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I'm all alone in this world with a lot of love to give

My Description

I’m 39, a kindergarten teacher with many different life aspirations and past life experiences.

I find myself, alone, without family, partner, or children.

I intend to foster and adopt one day but as a single woman, I am not sure if that would be the best case scenario for the future children.

So I need a family to get to know and be there for, and spend holidays with

So that I can create a family I can get to know, raise, be there for, and who has family to spend holidays with, and family (you guys out there) who has their backs.

I really need people in my corner. None of us makes it alone. And I’m finding out that lesson in a very painful way.

Willing To Serve As

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse

Looking To Find

Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse






United States


Art, Cars, Concerts, Cooking, Dance, Dining Out, Internet, Lecture, Literature, Museums, Movies, Music, Odd Jobs, Painting, Shopping, Sports, TV, Theater, Travel

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