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Family is a concept generally associated with a group of people who are affiliated in some manner, in both physical and metaphorical manifestations.

Traditionally, we view family as pertaining to our immediate biological bonds, the parents who raised us, the siblings who both loved and tormented us in equal amounts. We extend family to include grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, cousins and nephews and nieces. These are the most basic associations made with the term “family.”

In current Western society, we derive and blend our concept of family from many different sociological and cultural backgrounds. While we still focus heavily on the idea of the nuclear family, we also embrace extensions and additional associations.

From college roommates to army buddies, from esteemed professors to childhood friends, a carefully constructed tangible social network can easily morph into a family support network.  While we generally strive to best maintain a connection to our biological relatives, there are times when this simply isn’t possible. Children grow and head off to college, families regularly face the issue of divorce, and in worse case scenarios, family members pass away.

Anthropologically, we’re social creatures who thrive on the support of social structure. We yearn for connection and are driven by the desire to share experiences. Whether we’re engaging in an old fashioned ice cream social or encouraging friendly competition over Wii tennis on family game night, we’re innately programmed to co-exist, to learn and grow with each other.

For those who feel they’re missing an element or possibly several elements of family life, Choose a Family offers the opportunity to replace those absent pieces and the chance to share life’s important moments with someone they otherwise might not have found.

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