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There are many reasons why we may feel that we are missing out on a particular family experience. It may be something as simple as being geographically separated from our loved ones and we’re looking to share a holiday with someone. Perhaps it’s deeper. Maybe we’ve experienced a loss of a loved one. Or maybe we never had a younger sibling.

The goal of Chooseafamily.com® is to make connections between those of us who feel we have something to share and those of us who are seeking a specific personal bond.

Many people are dissatisfied with the hand they were dealt when it comes to family members. They feel unconnected to their family in any way other than blood and so they seek out replacement family members to meet their need for close bonds with people; bonds that are close enough to stand in the place of blood relations.

Additionally, people who have lost loved ones wish for a new bond that can stand in the place of their deceased mother, father, sister or brother. The phenomenon is not new, but until now, people have simply stumbled upon these relationships without making any concerted effort to establish them. 

Chooseafamily.com® makes it possible to purposefully seek out these connections, and the site’s tools make it easy to find others who have goals and ideals in common with the seeker.  Instead of relying on a less-than-ideal match with one’s birth father, now, people can find a new “father” who has their same goals, same political and religious leanings, and maybe even the same taste in music and hobbies, creating a true bond based on interests and experiences rather than genetic material.

The connections don’t need to stop after a single family relationship is formed. If a sister is found, it’s also possible to add a grandparent to the new family tree. Or perhaps a parent is seeking a brother figure for their only son. The possibilities are wide open for the expansion of a customizable family tree.

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Chooseafamily.com makes it easy to fill that empty space in your life and in your heart. Finding these connections is just a click away.

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