An Introduction to® is a unique social network that assists individuals in finding desired “family figures” who are currently of no relation to them. Much like an online dating site, we provide matched users with potential “family members” based upon desired criteria.

We aim to create matches between individuals who are looking to form relationships that are otherwise not possible for them. For instance, one may seek the brother or sister figure that they always wished they had.

For example, the holidays are a time to spend with family. Nobody wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner alone, but many people, especially those without close relatives, don’t have a choice.

This site provides a service that pairs these people together through a professional, personal, and user-friendly approach, similar to adoption but without the legal papers.  Many people feel unconnected to their family and so they seek out replacement family members to meet their need for close bonds with people; bonds that are close enough to stand in the place of blood relations. Others have experienced a loss of a family member, come from dysfunctional unavailable families, or have an empty space in their heart and in their lives that can only be filled with the support of family.

Members of the site are able to personalize their searches in order to find a family or individual that fits perfectly with their own personality, hobbies, morals, and values. In addition to finding family members, users will also be able connect with new friends and mentors, based upon this same criteria.

The services provided by Choose a Family are only available for individuals 18 years or older. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!

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