A Very Pilgrim Thanksgiving

When the Pilgrims came to America for their first Thanksgiving meal, they were unconcerned with family. Instead, the group was welcoming their first successful corn harvest with the celebratory feast that has become such a focal part of American life today. If you’re one of the many who do not have a family to eat with this Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims can teach a lesson in finding alternative ways to spend the day.

First, get together with a volunteer group to make a difference. Shelters work long hours to ensure that those who cannot afford a bountiful Thanksgiving feast can enjoy a hot meal too. You can serve food, deliver meals or assist with food drives.

If volunteering is not for you, share the meal with friends or a friend’s family. Don’t be afraid to ask, many are eager to welcome extra guests, especially those who love to fatten others with their own cooked entrees. Whether mourning the loss of a loved one or unable to see distant relatives, it’s important to continue the holiday’s history and enjoy the company of others on Thanksgiving.

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