How Yoga Can Help You

Yoga is all the rage these days. You see practice accessories in stores and maybe even own a pair or two of those comfortable yoga pants, but how much do you know about this rejuvenating practice?

An ancient Indian practice, yoga was born out of a desire to unify the body, mind and spirit and bring about health, longevity and self-understanding. For people today, yoga can soothe stress and clear the mind- even during a lunch break on a particularly hectic day.

Such mental relaxation is achieved through a series of movements or poses that allow you to focus on your breathing and balance your body. In doing these movements, the body begins to act as a release for the mind. Studies have shown that by doing these simple practices, yoga can decrease instances of depression and even certain mental disorders.

Final Words of Wisdom

Yoga is meant to be practiced at one’s own pace. A personal experience, classmates are often encouraging of one another as each person explores his or her body type. If you are often self conscious, yoga will even help you to learn acceptance for both your personality and body type. You can find classes in a nearby gym or yoga center.


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