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I pray for a family on my own according to the will of God,so help me God and not to be played by someone who thinks He is greater than God. I also get tired..:(

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I thought joining here is really having a family could be but when the time I decided to go back to have God first, is I already felt complete and know my value. I really have a purpose but when the time no one believes me that starts my breakdown but right now if nobody believes me who cares! Hahaha, God is good. I am not looking anymore and I’m happy having God and just continue to grow with God if someone gonna mess up with me, you also mess with God…and past is past no feelings anymore. Thank you and goodbye! This also means I already forgot and can’t relate and connect anymore. I didn’t say I don’t know how to forgive someone it’s just that I’m the one who is hurting myself and better to forget everything and move on coz God makes us complete.
I don’t wanna be complacent anymore and nobody ever really value you if you don’t value yourself and that’s the truth its sad and just be happy. I have a simple life and don’t wanna complicate things as well. I also wanna breathe. Always think its nobody’s fault.
I want to live light and at peace not to get conscience by anybody coz no matter how bad the person is still God is in control. No one break that. I just believe God never forsaken us and He is always here for all of us.
Sins(I didn’t say its you) are what make us unclean in front of God. Today, may we be able to humble ourselves and ask God for forgiveness. May God’s word be our strength that we can use to resist the way of the enemy and continue to walk in God’s way—in righteousness. It’s one way of giving back the glory to God and no other than true God which is God the Almighty, God in heaven and the Father that never lies. Maybe you need this too or God is already calling you, you just don’t know . Maybe this is also what you are looking for.
You can simply fill up the form. And I hope a lot here will bring back closer to God, brothers and sisters..:)
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