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There's too many people to be alone

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Hello! I’m looking for connection. I love people, places, things. Learning and sharing. Nature didn’t include family in my package, so why not try this? I come with empathy, a safe space for all, unconditional love, and eclectic humor. Lover of plants, nature, space, philosophy, and words. Dislikes negative exchanges & roaming this spinning rock alone. I am an attentive listener who will provide sincere interactions with a huge heart. Hopefully I can find lasting bonds, with like minded individuals. Open minded is a must. Rude or mean people discouraged… I hope you have a day filled with peace, love, and beauty.

Willing To Serve As

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Companion, Spouse

Looking To Find

Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse






United States


Art, Concerts, Cooking, Dance, Dining Out, Literature, Museums, Movies, Music, Painting, Theater, Travel

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