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Who says you can't choose family?

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I am a nice, really and truly a sweet, and thoughtful fun loving guy. I have "family" but they aren't very nice people and I try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Because of all tings I've been through in my life I have a hard time connecting with people. I have social anxiety but would really like to go out to a pub or something just to be social, because I never do, but when the time comes for me to go out, alone, I find an excuse for me not to go. Going out with a friend/family is a lot easier for me. But I'm here looking to have a real connection with friends or with family that cares about you and looks out for you, because thats whats missing and thats who I want to be to you. Who says you can't choose family? Ko456+ HhoTtMaill.***.

Anyone belong to NYSC in forest hills? I need a gym buddy

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Brother, Father, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse

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Brother, Sister, Friend, Daughter, Companion




United States



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