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I am alone on the mainland.

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I do have family, however they live in Hawaii, and we don't really get along. I think it must be because I'm just a little bit different from all of them . I find them to be very judgemental and at this point they have pretty much just given up on me I think. Everyone acts as if I've done something to harm them, I just can't figure out what it is. My sister is about a decade younger than me and just became a mother and basically cut off all ties with me. Doesn't allow me to see my nephew. And I don't know why. I have two adult sons that live with their respective families in Hawaii as well and I am newly a grandmother but I've only been allowed to see the baby once for 10 minutes and he's almost two years old now . So I find myself here in LA alone, and feeling as though even if I reach out to them, they don't answer back. Holidays are especially rough. Many of the things that I used to enjoy doing such as cooking, drawing, making soap, sewing clothes, arts and crafts of all kinds, I'm unable to do anymore due to a recent illness and subsequent housing difficulties. My best friend is my dog, that I've had since he was 7 weeks old . He is now almost 9. but I just found out that he has cancer so may not be with me for much longer. I guess I really am looking for someone to talk to that is non judgemental and I want to see me for who I am and not for what I have to give them.

Willing To Serve As

Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Granddaughter, Daughter, Companion

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Sister, Father, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Mentor, Companion




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