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46 white male, 5ft 8in, 180 lbs., black hair, brown eyes.
I have been on hiatus for a while. It’s been alright but I would like to get back into dating.
I used to be in good shape which was great. I am in the process of getting back in shape.

My friends would say I have a good head on my shoulder, genuine, nice, hard worker, kind and down to earth.
I have changed through the years into a better person.
I genuinely love women. I have learned a lot from by best friend who is a woman and whom I adore.
I have so many interests; Beach, Walks, Movies, Shows, Home, Pool, People, Cooking, YOU maybe lol.
I’m active, alert, aware and inquisitive.
I’m always learning about something.
I value people, food, thinkers and an open mind.
I love my family and am close with them.
I get along with everyone.. I am very easy going.

If you would like to know more about me send me an message a picture and something about yourself.
It would be nice to meet someone.
Thanks 🙂

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Friend, Companion, Spouse

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Friend, Companion, Spouse






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