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Hi! We are an older couple in our fifties. Having married later in life, biological children never came along, but we’d still love a large family. My husband is an English professor, and I am non-visibly handicapped, so I kind of hold down the fort at home. We have varied interests from movies, to books, to art and museums, to science, to cooking, to games,to dining out, to well, just about anything that grabs our interest. (We are also self-admitted computer and sci-fi nerds. We even met on the internet before the World Wide Web became standard.)

Being able to share and do things as a family would be wonderful. (I myself am also a bit of a comic book fan, and enjoy gaming, although admittedly, I’m not very good. Which might be seen as a plus by some. LOL) We’d also make fun, indulgent grandparents, so if you have kids who would enjoy being spoiled, we’ve got that covered!

We’re interested in anyone who would enjoy being part of a stable family. Maybe someone who has aged out of foster care, or who just wants a sense of belonging. We aren’t perfect, of course, but then again, who is? But we enjoy laughing, and like to approach things positively, and with a sense of humor.

So if you’re looking for parents who are supportive, and would like someone to talk with and just be there, give us a shout out.
Local would be great, but don’t let distance disssuade you if you aren’t. Zoom/texting/phonecalls are a thing, as are frequent visits for holidays or just hanging out. (We have our share of long distance relatives.)

If you’re hesitant about answering, please don’t be. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At the very least, you’ll make some older friends:)

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Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Friend

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Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Grandson, Granddaughter, Friend, Companion






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Art, Cooking, Dining Out, Internet, Lecture, Literature, Museums, Movies, Shopping, Sports, TV, Theater, Travel








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