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Always nice to have somebody to share the good and the bad

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Hi. I am am an out going nice professional male who is looking to meet others. I am gay and hopefully that will not be a problem. I enjoy good conversation. I am so lucky for the family I have and had. I do have a younger sister and two nieces that I love very much. My father is also still alive but my family is not in the area. I would love to meet new people. I have always wanted an older and wiser brother. I also lost my mom when I was young and it is a void I have lived with much of my life. I was close to my grandmother and miss her also. I am not a member, so please feel free to email me at mpw321@ hotmail so we can start a conversation. You do not need to be located in NYC. I like meeting people from all over!

Willing To Serve As

Son, Brother, Friend, Companion

Looking To Find

Mother, Brother, Grandmother, Friend


New York




United States




Art, Dining Out, Internet, Museums, Movies, Music, Painting, Shopping, Sports, Theater, Travel




Master's Degree

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