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Takes a village to raise a child.

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I am the youngest of 8 siblings. Since the elder ones who were the glue have passed away there are little to no family bonds. My remaining siblings are in their own little worlds. As the youngest sibling I have done a lot of work on many occasions to bring us together. It feels like pulling teeth. I have no interest in being a martyr nor a dentist. There has to be a better way to create family bonds where every member has value and a place at the table.

Having grown up in a large family; I miss breaking bread, dancing, singing, laughing, crying, sharing holidays and special occasions. I am the only auntie who stays in communication with nephews and nieces. Have been an auntie since 4years old. I wish for a spiritual child and grand baby to love to bits. It takes a village… I want to give to someone what my spiritual mother gave to me. She gave me what my family was too dysfunctional to give when I needed it most. When I was a single mother living hundreds of miles from my family she was a source of strength and comfort. I am in my 50’s with more energy, agility and happiness then most people my age. I would love to bond with a spiritual daughter or son and be an honorary, energetic, young hip grandma.
Best wishes to everyone who needs to be part of a family.
May you find the best connections that fill your heart and soul!
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Willing To Serve As

Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Mentor, Daughter

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Sister, Father, Granddaughter, Son, Daughter




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