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Hi there. I am a bubbly, successful and happy woman with a wonderful son. My parents are alive but are in ill health.
The saddest part of my life is not having siblings and although I have many wonderful friends it is not the same. I have really no relatives except for my son, and have always dreamed of a big family, especially sister(s). I would love to be part of a bigger family and share in that special relationship, especially on holidays when I sometimes feel very lonely with no relatives (my parents are both only children, so I don't even have cousins!) I want equally upbeat and mutually supportive women to be my family, especially sisters. This sounds a bit crazy but her, there must be other people in my situation who witness these big family gatherings while you have to rely on friends for the holidays. I'm totally into building my own! Look forward to meeting my future like-minded potential sisters!

Willing To Serve As

Sister, Granddaughter, Daughter

Looking To Find

Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Granddaughter






United States



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