Resolving Unresolved Resolutions

By Jill Parshley-Cardillo

Now that January 2022 has come to a close, here at, we have one thing to say…you DID IT! You made it through another January, amongst some of the most challenging times the world has seen in a while.

You are here, alive. Take a breath and a bow. One of the most important parts of our lives is showing up. By logging on here, you have done just that. You are showing up for yourself by exploring a new chapter in the book of your life. You are turning a page, one page at a time. How can we be available to conquer the world as it’s doors re-open, if we are keeping our own personal doors shut. 

As you explore this new venture by reaching outward, let us applaud how well you’ve reached inward. Look at what you HAVE accomplished since the new year has begun, not just what you have not accomplished. As you gently emerge from the COVID cocoon, we are here to welcome you with open hearts and minds. Take baby steps. There’s no rush. And if you stumble and fall, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Give time, time.

Remember those dreams we all had before the worldwide pandemic hit? Do not let yourself believe they are completely gone. You may have fallen short in January, that doesn’t mean you have to stop now. Past studies show that a large percentage of us do not succeed in reaching the goals we set for ourselves at the start of the New Year. Just because you may have been influenced by the naysayers, does not mean you still don’t have opportunities.

Here’s the deal folks…it’s up to (drum roll…) YOU! You have a choice. Choose wisely. I have choices too! My sister (owner, Kim Parshley) has given all of us an opportunity here at to feel comforted by the fact that we can Choose to not be alone. That is why I’m not just a writer, I am a grateful member too! Give yourself a break and…begin again. That’s right. Begin…again

Perhaps there were mistakes you made in the last few weeks, maybe you fell short of a healthy meal plan you started, or you gained weight when your goal was to lose weight. You may have lost your job, or started a new one! I was exercising recently and during a fun fabulous workout I broke my foot! I was laid up, and Chooseafamily kept me company! There’s lots of roads that may have led you here….perhaps you have reluctantly made a decision in your relationship that left you in the grips of fear, or you said “No” when you wanted to say “Yes”, or “YES!” when you wanted to say “NO!”…you did this but you meant to do that (when not trusting your gut), and so on. Conclusion- February rolls in on pink sweet flying hearts and you are overwhelmed with green sour lemons. 

We want you to know at Chooseafamily, you are in the right place. Time to view, read, click, and write! Connect. You are not alone. Sometimes, after the new year, people feel somewhat stuck in regret. Sometimes you may think you felt too sorry for yourself, or you think you did not feel sorry enough. You may be swimming in so much joy that you want to share it with a friend, a mentor, a substitute sis or bro to bask with in the sunshine. Honestly, you may be ashamed of the credit card bills you racked up for ALL of the things you bought during the holidays for EVERYONE (except YOURSELF) and now those bills are DUE! There’s no shame here. Maybe someone close to you has passed away and you are in need of support, or a baby was born and you want to spread that love. Perhaps you thankfully survived COVID, or you may have Long COVID and you are looking for someone to give advice, or to share with, who has been through it too. We hope you can heal with us together, along this new journey. Sooooo much has happened in January 2022 so far, and we didn’t even dare mention politics! Either way, congratulations for showing up here, searching for that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Chooseafamily is where X marks the spot. So…pat yourself on the back and dig for your lost treasure, you deserve it. New Year, new friends, new connections…and…new YOU! Happy scrolling!

(Jill Parshley-Cardillo is a published freelance writer. Contact her at or @jillparshley on Twitter) 

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