The Value of Mentoring

Mentorship is the focal point of family. As a youth, family members may teach you how to ride a bike or retire the doggie paddle swimming technique. Maybe they had taught you how to cook or fix your bed. These milestones require the help of someone knowledgeable, someone who is willing to guide you and have enough patience to stand by until you master the skill.

Many who have lacked a mentor throughout childhood feel a sense of longing for such a connection. Later in life, they may seek out non-relative relationship to fill this void. Such mentorships create a sense of purpose or self-esteem that one may not have felt before. Even a mentor can benefit by learning new things about themselves.

For these reasons, an effective mentorship involves the ability to listen. Whether the mentor or the mentored, there is value in listening. If you choose to engage in a mentor relationship, exchange ideas but be sure not to impose your beliefs on one another.

Successful mentorship is a journey in which you will gain beautiful insights into another’s world, often a world in which you have not yet explored. If you think mentoring is for you, ask yourself why and what knowledge you are eager to pass on. Your decision can have great impact on another’s life.

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