My Description

I am an Italian linguist and (once) writer.

I have been spending the last ten years of my life working on a linguistic disclosure project through which I intend to bring to light a beauty and a practicality unprecedented in the field of communication.

I strongly believe that the world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair, and I mean beauty in every field: Literature, music, art, lore…

That is why, ever since I discovered – at the age of sixteen – that I had the chance to give the world an unprecedented paragon of linguistic perfection, doing it has become my mission.

Unfortunately this project is no longer just the most important thing in my life: It is all I have left.

I’ll tell you why, I’ll try to be brief: I have no parents and my few “friends” have left (actually fled) the country as it’s become impossible to find a job here.

Five years ago I could barely earn my living and, at some point, I was compelled to share my living space with a middle-aged lady whom I presumed to be friendly (or at least polite).

I was wrong: She started mistreating me in all imaginable ways and when she realized I wasn’t always able to pay the rent on time things got even worse.

She was (and is) the one who rationed my food, I was insulted heavily and unrelentingly every day and I lived under the constant threat of being chucked out of the house.

I couldn’t relocate, too little money, so that house was the only thing that allowed me to continue my project, and at the same time the rage of this woman was far too overwhelming and irrational to face (this woman isn’t one who you can make think clearly).

This situation has been going on for years, until one day something broke in me: I suddenly collapsed and from that moment on my life changed.

I felt constantly weak and shaky and I couldn’t work hard in any way: The doctors said that I had just entered a state of clinical depression and that only time would ease it.

Now that weakness and the constant feeling of being about to pass out have become less accentuated… but I still live in that house and the situation has reached the end of the line: She is planning to throw me out.

All my life I have been dreaming to find someone who could truly understand me, who could truly understand my love for love, my love for beauty and my refusal of every form of hardness and meanness.
I must admit it: I'd like very much to have someone who I can call "mother", I have never had anyone even close to it.

My primary concern is to let the world know that anyone can be more than they've ever imagined to be able to be: We could be angels if we wanted, and build a society based on the development of talents and on love.
I have a "strategy" to communicate how this could be achieved (to those who wish to achieve it).
But I'm never going to make it alone, I need help, I need someone who wants to share this dream with me.

Willing To Serve As

Son, Companion

Looking To Find

Mother, Companion



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