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Building a good life and person daily 🙂

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I'm a 38 year old living in california. Originally from the carribbean, came here at 13 when my mom moved to the states.Me? Open to inviting naturally good, considerate and kind people from all classes, sexes and races to my family. 🙂 I'd describe myself as INFP, sensitive, creative, idealist, hopeful, VERY laidback, accepting(within limits..if you are a keep-it-real-mean-spirited-selfish-into-drama-and-your-heart-hurts-when-you're-being-considerate-of-others person – It's all you. Though? I will pass at being your friend or will not care to have any association with you.), a goof ball, love to laugh, a good listener and trying to the best and happiest person I can be despite my flaws that I've come to accept. My family? My mom died from breast cancer in my 20s. She wasn't the best mom in the world but she did her best. We didn't get along when she was healthy but we became very close when she got sick. My dad died when I was young. A pretty good dad to me – Had his share of faults but I have a kid's super hero view of him. I have a sister. The relationship is hot and cold. She is a keep it real person. Very cool person and loving in her own way…a little unhappy and angry about her life. I love her to death but I try to give us some space for my sanity – my sensitive side takes it to heart when she's under a dark cloud(she takes after my mom).

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Sister, Friend

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Sister, Friend, Mentor




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