First Name


My Headline

My name is George. I don't have that many friends and im not really close to my family. i am here hoping to change that.

My Description

I describe myself as a decent human being.
At least i’d like to think so.
I am a bit of an introvert but as I get close to people i tend to open up.
I am originally from the Caribbean’s
I work for a construction company.
my schedule is pretty open for the most part. (work overnight)
I don’t really live an active lifestyle but I am hoping to change that.
I am here looking for the right people to have in my life.

Willing To Serve As

Son, Brother, Friend, Companion, Spouse

Looking To Find

Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse






United States


Art, Cars, Concerts, Cooking, Dance, Dining Out, Internet, Music, Painting, Shopping, Sports, TV

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