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For about eight years I have been trying to find a real family, one that actually appreciates and shows interest and is generally positive and warm to be around and also someone that supports me no matter what. I've never had that experience growing up with my own family as I would constantly have my needs ignored by an absent mother who has been judgmental, condescending and generally put herself above me and I've also never had a proper dad before in my life since he was unhinged and violent. Also I've been kicked out from my own place and have been homeless in the past. I'm constantly living under fear and anxiety and also there is not a proper connection that I really get to have with them especially since we don't even do any planned activities nor do we even get the chance to spend time with each other and it doesn't seem like they're interested in doing so. I need a family who would actually stick by me and won't make me feel depressed and worried about the future. I need help. I need to be in a functional family, a mom and a dad to be in my life.

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