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I was born in Asia, educated in Europe, and now I am in the USA. I considered myself a man from the earth.

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I learnt during my voyages that we are all different, and this difference makes the word a beautiful place. Communication and exchange of thoughts is helpful to create a harmonious relationship. I appreciate it if you could reach me out at ‪(four zero six) two eight two-three nine eight three.

For those, who responded and reached out via messages, please contact me via text at (4zero6)-two8two-39eight3, because I did not purchased subscription to utilize messaging service on this site. Thank you, and looking forward to having a healthy relationship.

Willing To Serve As

Brother, Friend, Mentor, Spouse

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Brother, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Spouse






United States


Dining Out, Internet, Lecture, Literature, Museums, Movies, Music, Shopping, TV, Theater, Travel

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