Gift Ideas For People You Barely Know

We go through this every holiday- the person we don’t really know, but have to buy a gift for. It could be the Secret Santa at work, your neighbors who just moved in next door, or your significant other’s parents. Whomever it is, you barely know the first thing about them and you have to buy them a gift! So here are some ideas that we hope will work for you.

1. Liquor

Liquor is one of the most common gifts to give at any time of the year. The best thing about it being that you get to choose a price, be careful though- winos know the difference between $10 and $50 wine.

2. Baked Goods

If you make Christmas cookies during the holidays, why not share? If the mere thought of making Christmas cookies seems stressful, head to the bakery and pick out a box of your favorite cookies.

3. Chocolate

Valentines Day may try and keep chocolate to itself, but chocolate gifts are a welcome surprise year-round. Think chocolate covered pretzels, jelly rolls, hot cocoa. 

4. Book

Stick with the best sellers and books should be an easy find. Just make sure your recipient likes to read!

5. Movie Tickets

Movie tickets are expensive these days, so any chance to have someone else pick up the tab is OK. Pair them with popcorn for extra creative flair.

6. Mug

Coffee or tea drinker, people seem to need mugs. Maybe the person your buying for broke one of theirs recently, or maybe they need a travel mug for their commute. Buy coffee beans or tea to complement the gift.

7. Candles

Picking out candles can be tons of fun, which make them a great gift for the recipient and for you! Buy a festive scent like gingerbread or Christmas tree.

8. Body Fragrance

It’s easy to tell if someone likes wearing fragrances and, like candles, they’re fun to shop for. Buy cologne for a man or body lotion and perfume for a woman.

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