Melding the Interfaith Holiday

Nothing can be more confusing to an interfaith couple than the holidays. Do you put a menorah on the table or a Christmas tree in the corner of the room?

In a recent Huffington Post article, journalist Susan Katz Miller suggests celebrating both- especially in the presence of kids. The melding of both holidays is not only an educational experience, but exciting and true to form. For a couple that has been celebrating their holiday since birth, it can feel unnatural for a partner to drop one.

Children should be given the opportunity to understand the rich traditions of both parents. As an educational experience, this presents an occasion for children to learn stories from both religious books. Miller suggests that the premise for both holidays are quite similar. Both Hanukkah and Christmas celebrate the idea of warding off darkness with light. Jesus was guided by a star and the Jews purified their temple with the light of a menorah.

How do you or an interfaith couple you know celebrate the holidays?

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