The Snoopy House

Practically every neighborhood has at least one Christmas house. You know, the house three blocks away with such nice decorations that parents flock there with their children every year. These houses are the light shows of Christmas, with moving figurines and sometimes even Santa Claus.

In Cosa Mesa, California, that house was mixed with a second theme- Charlie Brown Christmas. An attraction that brought masses of neighbors and out-of-towners, some 80,000 people visited what became known as the Snoopy House each year.

This Christmas, the house will be bare as the home was foreclosed one year ago. A struggling remodeling contractor, owner Jim Jordan’s biggest gripe was his Snoopy House and, evidently, the residents of Cosa Mesa felt the same. In an effort to save the Snoopy tradition, the city raised enough money for their City Hall to host the display starting this week.

In an effort to give you a glimpse of what the house was like, we were able to find this video of one family’s experience:

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