• Trin

    I come from a place of extreme love, here in my heart.
    Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Mentor, Companion
  • itsjustmedee

    Looking for what I've been missing
    Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse
  • Sofia

    Here to serve as your Family or Friend
    Daughter, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse
  • Whitney

    A lost soul wanting some sense of belonging
    Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandson, Granddaughter, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse
  • Chelsea

    Just moved to Brooklyn
    Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Grandson, Granddaughter, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse
  • stargateny

    Father, Friend, Mentor
  • shang

  • Onelove

    Takes a village to raise a child.
    Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Mentor, Daughter
  • maximus350

    Missing my connection.... I know you're
    Brother, Father, Grandfather, Grandson, Friend, Mentor, Son
  • Flash

    Who says you can't choose family?
    Brother, Father, Friend, Mentor, Companion, Spouse

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